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Archives for February 2011

What's in a Name?

Triangle Psychological Services was born in February 2008.  Melanie Yard, Ph.D., my partner at that time, and I, Patti M. Zordich, Ph.D. wanted a name that would represent our mission:  to offer Christians an opportunity to receive therapeutic services without the fear of having to compromise their faith; we wanted to integrate psychology and faith.  We also wanted to be available to anyone who might benefit from our marriage counseling, … [Read more...]

Is Your Pornography Habit a Problem?

Viewing pornography has skyrocketed with the internet.  No longer does one have to walk up to a counter and purchase an adult magazine or video with a real, live human being, all the while worrying about being seen. The internet has made it easy. In 2003, a conference of Matrimonial Lawyers cited pornography addiction as one of the primary causes in 2 out of 3 divorces. The first step in healing is willingness. The willingness to look at … [Read more...]