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Wish You Had More Intimacy in Your Marriage? Part 2

Mother and child

This video, “A Bugs Life” can tell us a lot about love.  “BUGS! What do BUGS have to do with love!?”  Watch this video and see if you can figure out how. A Bugs Life (1998) – don’t look at the light! You might be thinking, “I’m still not sure how watching bugs can can […]

Spiritual Fatherhood

John Paul II wrote about spiritual motherhood which means nurturing others’ spiritual, emotional , moral, and cultural life.  As a psychologist specializing in attachment, I see spiritual motherhood as the essence of healthy attachment caregiving. I was reading about spiritual motherhood about the same time gangs of teenagers were terrorizing many areas throughout London.  I […]

Is Your Pornography Habit a Problem?

Viewing pornography has skyrocketed with the internet.  No longer does one have to walk up to a counter and purchase an adult magazine or video with a real, live human being, all the while worrying about being seen. The internet has made it easy. In 2003, a conference of Matrimonial Lawyers cited pornography addiction as […]