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EFT Marriage Counseling – No More Mister Bad Guy


EFT marriage counseling builds trust and security in marriage. One of the things I love about EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy) is this: No More Mister Bad Guy! There is no more mister bad guy in the marriage fight - just two people fighting for their relationship. What we now know from years of hard science about love, is that fighting and withdrawing in relationships is driven by the natural need for secure bonding and related … [Read more...]

Ten Tips about Porn and the Family

OMG! Online with Mercy and Grace:  Porn and the Family Human sexuality is designed and honored by God. Human sexuality is a gift from God. Human sexuality as God created it is good. Healthy marital sexuality is but a hint of the intensity of God’s love for each individual. Sexual intimacy with integrity, love and respect between a husband and wife is the crown of marital intimacy. Healthy marital sexuality helps keeps a family … [Read more...]

A Simple, Beautiful View Of God and Love

Watch this little video short for a simple, beautiful view of God and love. Let it fill you will joy, warmth and . . . well, love - God's love. … [Read more...]

This Child Is Bullying – How Can I Help?

When a child is bullying, the way to help is to apply consequences and limits, right? Yes . . . and no.  Yes, you need to apply consequences and limits when a child is bullying.  No, because that's an incomplete solution. In addition to consequences and limits, it's important to get to the root of the bullying behavior. Here's how you can help.   First of all, stay in the solution, not the problem.  Next, it is important to … [Read more...]

5 Handy Hints for Getting Your Kids Talking

Time To Listen

5 Handy Hints for Getting Your Kids Talking As parents, with many responsibilities and often many heavy challenges, we often forget that our children can have a lot weighing on their hearts, too. Some children easily share their feelings and thoughts. Others don’t.  Whether a child readily share these things or not, we can be sure that they have them. A lot of these thoughts and feelings come from their observations and the atmosphere in their … [Read more...]

Shift Your Brain Into Positive Thinking


Simple Ways to Shift Your Brain Into Positive Thinking Does your mind ever stall in negative gear? Does it seem like its easier to focus on negative things than positive? In this little video, Kid Natural talks gratitude and offers 5 simple ways to shift your brain into positive thinking. Gather your family around to watch this short, cute video. Then suggest that each family member choose one of Kid Natural's suggestions to shift your … [Read more...]

Stress-Free One Task at a Time

Stress-free ountain lake

Stress-Free One Task at a Time  Moving day.  Was I anxious, overwhelmed, going crazy?  No - I stayed stress-free one task at a time using these simple 12-Step program sayings: One Day at a Time One Moment at a Time Do the Next Right Thing Let Go and Let Go First Things First One Task at a Time To some these sayings may sound trite.  To some they might seem simplistic. What I know is that they work. I can stay stress-free one … [Read more...]

You Are Not Alone

Remember you are not alone

You Are Not Alone Are you weighed down with sadness, shame, anxiety and worries or loneliness? In times like this it helps to remember that you are not alone. . . . for the Lord God is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation.  Is 12:2 You will find strength in God.  This doesn't mean, however, that you will no longer feel these painful feelings. It does mean that God will walk with you through these feelings and give you the … [Read more...]

A Story of a Sex Addict’s Daughter

Sex Addicts

*Permission was granted by the following individual to share her story. Her name has been changed to protect her identity.  For Jo, her father's absence in her life was profound. He wasn't physically absent.  But, he was not present.  He was an empty shell and Jo felt a wide divide separating them with no way to cross. No physical affection, no emotional support, no interest in her day or her life. Jo felt invisible to her father. Jo … [Read more...]

Does My Child Need Early Entry Kindergarten Testing?

Is My Child Ready?

I think my child is ready for early entry to kindergarten, but his preschool teacher is saying he’s not mature enough. My child has an early an early birthday and the teacher is recommending a transitional kindergarten. Should I hold him back? These are questions many parents of four and five year olds are asking themselves this time of year. They’re not easy questions to answer. You know that putting your child in a transitional kindergarten … [Read more...]