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Stress-Free One Task at a Time

Stress-free ountain lake

Stress-Free One Task at a Time  Moving day.  Was I anxious, overwhelmed, going crazy?  No - I stayed stress-free one task at a time using these simple 12-Step program sayings: One Day at a Time One Moment at a Time Do the Next Right Thing Let Go and Let Go First Things First One Task at a Time To some these sayings may sound trite.  To some they might seem simplistic. What I know is that they work. I can stay stress-free one … [Read more...]

You Are Not Alone

Remember you are not alone

You Are Not Alone Are you weighed down with sadness, shame, anxiety and worries or loneliness? In times like this it helps to remember that you are not alone. . . . for the Lord God is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation.  Is 12:2 You will find strength in God.  This doesn't mean, however, that you will no longer feel these painful feelings. It does mean that God will walk with you through these feelings and give you the … [Read more...]

A Story of a Sex Addict’s Daughter

Sex Addicts

*Permission was granted by the following individual to share her story. Her name has been changed to protect her identity.  For Jo, her father's absence in her life was profound. He wasn't physically absent.  But, he was not present.  He was an empty shell and Jo felt a wide divide separating them with no way to cross. No physical affection, no emotional support, no interest in her day or her life. Jo felt invisible to her father. Jo … [Read more...]

Does My Child Need Early Entry Kindergarten Testing?

Is My Child Ready?

I think my child is ready for early entry to kindergarten, but his preschool teacher is saying he’s not mature enough. My child has an early an early birthday and the teacher is recommending a transitional kindergarten. Should I hold him back? These are questions many parents of four and five year olds are asking themselves this time of year. They’re not easy questions to answer. You know that putting your child in a transitional kindergarten … [Read more...]

A Blessing Prayer for Creativity

God's Creativity

O Lord, As I open myself to your creative Spirit within me, I ask to be freed from the snares of the Devil that strive to keep me bound in fear and doubt. I ask for the intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Mary, Undoer of Knots to bring forth the stones I need to cast across the water during this sacred time of creation. I ask their intercession to call forth the creative part of me that was created in your image, Divine Creator of … [Read more...]

Being Present with My Inner Monk and My Inner Artist in Prayer

Staying in the present will bring you instant peace and serenity.

Do you ever suffer from self-doubt? Do you ever wonder what God really wants from you in your life and if you are really doing God's will? Do these thoughts ever wake you up at night or cause feelings of anxiety, fear or even frustration? I've discovered that if I bring myself into the present moment I can experience instant freedom from these questions. It's a simple process which I've made available to my readers elsewhere on this … [Read more...]

Help for Building Stronger Families

We had a blast at our Ignited By Truth Catholic Conference exhibitor table last weekend sharing our counseling and testing services and our new products for building stronger families !

Triangle Psychological Services psychologists, Nancy Driscoll and myself, attended the annual Ignited By Truth conference in March of this year and introduced noogie™ at our exhibit table.  We had so much fun meeting new people and old friends. The most fun, however, was introducing our noogie™ products designed to help build stronger families.  I knew I was excited about the Marital Retreats in a Box™ and our noogie Family Card Decks, but I … [Read more...]

Time To Relax and Let Go of Stress

Stay present in the moment.

Do you ever feel like you never stop?  Like you're always rushing from one thing to another? Even if you love everything you do in a day, if you're like me, you still long for some down time. Finding down time helps cut down your stress.    We all know how important this is. We hear it all the time. How does stress affect you?  Are you irritable and impatient?  Do you sleep poorly, eat things you shouldn't eat?  Are you plagued with … [Read more...]

Small Success Thursday, Bringing a Vision to Life

I've got a great idea!

This is my first time participating in Small Success Thursday blog share.  Thankfully, I have some small successes to share this week.  Actually, when I look carefully, there are always small successes to be found.  So here are mine for this week. I've been dreaming about creating a Marital Retreat in a Box™, a set of simple little retreats incorporating Blessed John Paul II's Theology of the Body.  I wanted create these little … [Read more...]

Self-Centered Thinking? Not Me!

Thinking too much

Growing up in an alcoholic family I can sometimes be self-centered and not even realize it. As is often said in the twelve step program, “it is cunning, baffling and powerful.” This self-centeredness often manifests with thoughts such as “That idea is stupid” or “I’m not a good parent.” The thoughts are usually something negative about myself or my actions. Notice the word “my” - That’s one hint that these thoughts are self-centered! When we have … [Read more...]